Penny Blossoms Yoga & Preschool

We are thrilled to announce our new half day preschool early learning environment

This NEW grass roots program is one that is perfect for families & their children who are looking for a more whole child learning environment.


We deeply believe that every child has a natural desire to learn & given the opportunity they will thrive as active members of their communities.  Using the natural world and all its offerings, provides each child with experiences that are so important to their physical well being, creating awareness and more connection to how the world works.


We have taken our successful YogART program and blended it with Reggio/Montessorri learning, incorporated "Big Life Journal" work and an incredible amount of outdoor learning space, to create a learning environment that tends to social, emotional and the intellectual parts of your child.

Our small class sizes ensure that each individual child has time and attention from their teachers, creating a close and personal learning experience for all.

We are currently accepting applications for 2018/19 morning & afternoon classes.    

Please email to arrange and interview and site visit.

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