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Nicole Starkman

Owner of YogART, Yogi. Teacher & Mother of Powerful Kids


Life has always brought me into the classroom, whether its teaching the little ones as a Nursery School Teacher or the big kids in various settings.

I was introduced to meditation about 10 years ago when I really needed something to help me get "quiet" and focused and I still use meditation daily to help me every day!

As a mom I have been graced with children, who need a few extra tools when they need to calm down, or at times of high energy.

I was lucky enough to be trained as a YogArt Teacher over 2 years ago and can't wait to continue helping bring these tools of self awareness and knowledge to the kids in our classes.


There is nothing more valuable than to teach our children how to handle big feelings, to love themselves and to connect to the bigger picture each day.

Chantalle Stott

Founder of YogART. Senior YogArtist


It was Chantalle's vision, that gave YogART life.  

Her personal journey as a mother, her formal training in art through ACAD, her deep dedication to her yogic journey, were all the keys of inspiration for the creation of YogART program.


Chantalle's belief  in allowing our children free form expression though Art and combining this with Yoga, she knew we would be helping our children develop a greater sense of self, peace and balance. 

Working and developing an incredible curriculum, Chantalle has touched many children's lives, and is respected throughout the community for her ability to connect with children & adults alike  from all walks of life.

Chantalle's hard work and dedication to building a strong foundation for YogART  has allowed the programming to grow through out Calgary as the first of its kind.

After 10 years of dreaming, developing and teaching her brilliant concept, she has handed over the keys to YogART to Nicole.

Chantalle's vision will always stay in the forefront of future development of YogART.  She is loved and respected deeply by us, but know she is close by when she is needed!

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